Snapalarm is clicked into place, with no need for tools,
on the cord of a pendant lamp, rod or chain.

Installation of snapalarm smoke detector
As an extra security measure, the halves of the shell cannot be closed if the Snapalarm is missing its battery. Make sure the alarm is placed high up and freely. For example, don’t hide it under a fan or behind a curtain.
  • Hold Snapalarm with the hinges away from you and the test button to the right.
  • Press the recessed part with your right-hand thumb and open up the halves of the “shell” 
  – in the left part you will find the battery
  – and in the right part you will find the clip to fasten around the cord
  • Remove the plastic from the battery. Connect the battery to the cord and put the battery back in the “spring”.
 The smoke detector has now been activated.
  • Press the test button. If there is a signal, it means that the Snapalarm works as it should.
  • Open the clip with your left-hand thumb by the mark and fasten it up around the cord.
  • Fasten the clip around a cord, rod or chain, up to 2 cm in diameter.
  • Shut the outer shell.
  • Put the Snapalarm as high up as possible on the cord. Make sure it doesn’t slide down.

Mounting straight onto the ceiling

It is possible to mount Snapalarm with one single screw into the ceiling. There is a hole in the clip for the screw.

Watch the Installation video to see just how simple it really is:

Snapalarm from FireInvent on Vimeo.