Fire Safety

Increased Safety with multiple fire detectors.

If you have only one smoke alarm and the door to the room in which it sits is closed, there is no protection for the rest of your home! The more smoke detectors you have set up the more confident you can feel. With several smoke detectors, a fire can be detected faster and you can thus get a bid to avert the danger in time. With several smoke alarm warns you as the smoke from spreading . This is important if the first smoke detector that responds sitting far away or in a closed room , so you do not hear it.

This happens during a fire

When a fire is started it creates dangerous, toxic fumes. The smoke strives upwards towards the ceiling, filling the room like water filling a bathtub. Fixed top down. Is the door to the room closed the entire room will be filled, before the smoke penetrates further into other rooms.

The door is open the smoke continues to spread along the ceilings. At the open door fills the smoke not a room at a time without any room it reaches from the ceiling and down. And the toxic fumes choose the easiest path. In order to have good protection , you should ideally have a smoke alarm in every room. If you were awakened by a smoke alarm sounds, you wake up safe in the knowledge that you put smoke alarms correctly and you therefore will be warned in advance.

Once you know how a fire works, it is easier to protect themselves.